Live Sale

Aside from products available in our website, you can get special items and new stocks during our Instagram Live Sales. To connect better with our beloved customers, we do a livestream on the @YourCrystal_ Instagram account where we give the best offers and deals. It is also a great way of seeing the items firsthand before you make a purchase.

  • See the product live and claim in real time
  • New stocks, cheaper/wholesale prices, and better offers than website listings
  • Learn more about the crystals you’re buying
  • Immediately know if you’ll take home the item or not
  • Enjoyable experience!

We understand that some of you may only want to join the livestream to learn more about the crystals. Don’t worry, joining a live sale does not require you to purchase. So join us anytime and share to your friends and family, you never know who will want a crystal or two when they learn about these treasures!


Before claiming a crystal during our live sales, please ensure you have read, understood, and agreed to the following conditions. Thank you!

  • By participating in our live sales, you are agreeing that there will be no cancellations and you will 100% follow through with your purchase.
  • To be fair to other crystal lovers, trades and/or changes of mind will not be accepted once Your Crystal announces a winner.
  • Please do not claim items that have yet to be shown.
  • Private messages (DM) during the sale or prior to the sale will be reviewed the following day.
  • It is your responsibility to keep track of the crystals you are claiming during a live sale. Feel free to take a screenshot of the items and prices.
  • Do not purposely disrupt the live sale.
    How To Claim:
    • Claim by commenting “SOLD” + the item number (e.g: SOLD 48)
    • Your Crystal will announce a winner for each item number.
    • The winner will be the first claimer that appears on OUR screen. (Note: Please keep in mind that your account may show a different order of comments as Instagram and internet speed can filter them out)
    • At the end of the sale, Your Crystal will send an invoice via Instagram to each successful claimer with a payment link.

    Live Sales take a lot of time and energy to run. We would highly appreciate if everyone reads and understands our rules and conditions. However, if you are still unsure of something, please do not hesitate to ask.

    Make sure you do not miss out on anything! Grab special crystals at the best price by following @YourCrystal_ on Instagram and turn on our live stream notifications. See you there!



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