Fitness Goals Crystal Set

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Our "FITNESS Goals" Crystal set will support you on your journey to reach, or maintain your individual body goals.


Carnelian: A warm, vibrant and uplifting stone, Carnelian restores energy, motivation and creativity. Great for boosting your self confidence, and empowering yourself to stay healthy; Carnelian gives you that fighting spirit to get you through any situation.

Blue Apatite: The stone for manifestation, communication and transformation. Great for public speaking, boosting your metabolism and suppressing hunger

Amethyst: Great for mood swings, irritability, sadness, grief or anger.  It helps to balance emotional highs and lows while encouraging self-control. Supports those with eating addictions and increases willpower.

Clear Quartz: Known as the master healer and recognised as the most powerful and versatile healing crystal. It amplifies the energy of the surrounding crystals and purifies your energetic field

Hematite: Has a strong, grounding energy that be felt by simply holding the stone. We often eat junk food and slack off on exercise when we're not grounded and centred. Allow Hematite to provide you the willpower to press on. 


Each set comes with a Crystal Card and Canvas Pouch. 

Please note - due to the formation of crystals, there may be slight  natural variations in the tumbled stones. We do our best to hand pick each crystal and ensure they are the same size. 

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