Rose Calcite Tower

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Blush-coloured Rose Calcite brings positivity, peace and serenity into your life, as it acts as a deep emotional cleanser for the heart chakra, clearing out past emotional wounds tied to love, self-love and relationships, which can support emotional healing.

As a Heart Chakra stone, Rose Calcite resonates with our heart's desires and opening the heart to receive Love and blessings! 

Calcites are gentle and powerful healers, helping to absorb negativity, including criticism, stubbornness and despondent attitudes from the mental body around the heart and can also help foster more positive communication between the heart and the mind.

Calcites act as energy amplifiers that boosts both physical energy and motivation to recognize and change the negative patterns in your life, particularly mental patterns. They can also assist us to reconcile changes, and open our perception to see the blessings in our lives.  

Rose Calcite: Heart Chakra, Emotionally nurturing, Self-Love, Energy Amplifier, Emotionally cleansing, Healing past relationships, Connect heart & mind, Change negative patterns, New opportunity, Joy & Gratitude, Positivity, Peace & Emotional Balance.

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