Japanese Honeysuckle Scented Candle

Type: Candle

Premium hand-poured, scented soy candles with Citrine Crystal

** Feel the power of positive energy with every burn **

Our divine candles will bring a warm ambience to your living space. 

Each scent is specifically chosen to suit the crystal.

Light this candle to radiate positive energy from the crystal and a beautiful, sensual aroma to fill your space.

** 85 hour burn time - EXTRA 20 HOURS **

Whilst our labels say 65 hours, we're now using larger jars for a longer burn. 

PLEASE NOTE: We have a mix or raw citrine chunks and some high quality mini tumbles. 


Citrine attracts wealth, abundance, joy and strength. This little ray of sunshine brings a bright energy to your life in so many ways. Citrine provides clarity, positivity and joyous transformation. Find your inner strength and abilities, unlock your soul's potential and attract prosperity. 


 Japanese honeysuckle

A crowd favourite. A sweet flowering 

vine with one of the most loved floral scents a combination of Mandarin, Grape, Neroli & hints of Vanilla, Malt, Jasmine and Cedarwood. 


Place candles in an area with limited draught, away from pets, children and flammable materials. 

Please trim wicks before each use to prevent soot forming on the glass.

Do not burn less than 2 hours at a time. This ensures the wax melts all the way to the edge and prevents "tunneling" for future burns.