Happy New Year 2019

Can you believe a new year is upon us? We’ve welcomed 2019 with open arms and are ready to take on the year ahead! New Year’s resolutions are increasingly taking a backseat, with more mindful intention setting now taking preference. Have you had a think about the goals you’d like to achieve in 2019? They can be as little as committing to spending less time on social media, or as big as manifesting a certain amount of wealth or weight loss.

Whatever you’d like to accomplish this year, it is important to remember to think big – but also not put too much pressure on yourself. Set realistic expectations and don’t beat yourself up if things don’t go as planned. 

To help you on your goal-getting journey, we’ve formulated an extensive list of must have crystals in order to harness the energy you need, to get you on track right from the outset.

When in doubt, always remember that the universe has got your back, and these trusty little gems will be right by your side to guide you along the way!
Are you ready to smash the sh!t out of 2019? Let’s do this!